Collaborators Wanted:

We are looking for collaborators from the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina to help us with this story. One way is with music videos. Our goal is to replace all the national acts featured in the story with local acts. For your band that requires posting high quality videos to YouTube and e-mailing us at with a link and a request. For us it's as easy as copying and pasting code.

If you happen to be a local video producer and want to do something that fits what we're doing here, that's fine too. We'll be more than happy to dump videos from no telling who and replace them with yours as long as your work is good, fits the theme and stays online. And yes, we will always give you attribution for your work, that's what this project is all about. Well, that and keeping me busy doing something other than bashing local politicians.

Photographers and illustrators, got a photo or an illustration that would fit well in a particular episode? Same goes for you, we're not trying to leave anyone out.

And that goes for all of the Piedmont Triad as well. Without broadcasting to the entire world what our plans are, we here at, a small start-up hoping to soon open our doors in Downtown Burlington, NC. owned by 2 residents of Burlington and 2 residents of Greensboro, have figured out a way to include all of you in this effort so that all of you gain from our experience. I know, you're looking at it right now and thinking those guys are crazy but when you meet me face to face and I explain our long range goals I'm sure you'll agree this could be one of the best things that ever happened to the Piedmont Triad.