In loving memory of Jason Alan Jones, April 10, 1978 -- December 11, 2012. May we ride again together someday.

When I face my darkest periods in life I usually write a book to pass the time and get me through it. In the week before starting this book I buried my son and being that's about as dark as it gets I began penning, When I Were A Motorcycle. Where it will take me I don't know.

UPDATE: As is often the case when I begin writing a book, this book has changed. It has now become two books intermingled and intersecting with other media added from time to time. The Motorcycle Speaks telling its previous life's story in rhyming verse while its time with us continues in prose. It wasn't planned, it just sort of happened.

I promise, as time goes on the story will make more sense. Or nonsense. Believe it or not, all my greatest comedy and children's books were written in the throws of my worst periods of depression. It's what brings me out and what I must do to survive. It sucks to have to hurt before you can laugh but if that's what I must do to get better then so be it. Oh, just so you know, while I never know what a book is going to be until I finish it, I don't think this book will be a children's book. Just saying.

Usually I hide out during this process. This time I'm trying not to hide and sharing the creative and healing process as I go. Will it always be good? No. Will there be edits? Yes as everything is unedited the first time 'round. Will it be worth mine or your time to go through the process? Only time heals and only time will tell.

I'm also including friends, family and acquaintances as characters. Don't worry, unless you've approved it ahead of time you'll be cast as one of the good guys. Villains are easy to make up, it's the good guys who are hardest to come by so I need all I can get. I actually did this before in BILLY'S WILD SALSA COOKBOOK, Texmex for Rednecks and the Adventures of the Wild Salsa Gang and in SWEETFEED, The Autobiography of Jack T Mule, both sequels to this book along with THE ADVENTURES OF THE VEGETABLE STALKER. All these books will again be online again soon. Including real people in the writing of the book forces me to interact with others-- something I need to do more often than I do. Something that will help me continue my recovery.

Thank you -Billy Jones

Books By Billy Jones

While Billy has published 4 print books to date, his only book currently remaining in print is Reindeer Tales available at Amazon.com. He remains undecided as to if he'll print more books in the future or simply make all his books available for online and e-readers.